Intelligent Building of VRV air conditioning system control mode

Abstract: The smaller of the VRV air-conditioning system that uses on-site remote control mode is more appropriate. For larger systems, centralized management is more reasonable for the use of building automation system, building, priority should be given exclusive use of the gateway interconnection, not only to meet the control and management requirements, and can take full advantage of weak inside the building management integration intelligent control platform with a number of weak linkage system implementation features.
Keywords: VRV air conditioning systems; control; construction

About 1VRV air-conditioning system VRV air conditioning system called the VariableRefrigerant Volume system, the variable refrigerant flow system. System architecture similar to split-type air-conditioning unit, using a single outdoor unit corresponds to a group of indoor unit (usually up to 16 units). Control technologies, use of variable frequency control method, according to the number of indoor unit to open the vortex inside the outdoor unit controls compressor rotation speed, for refrigerant flow control.
VRV air-conditioning system and full air system, all water systems, air - water system compared to better meet the customers individual application requirements, equipment, building space occupied by relatively small, and more energy-efficient. It is precisely because of these characteristics, which is more suitable for the use of overtime are subject to regular independent office building construction projects.
VRV air conditioning system design consists of two parts: selection of air-conditioning and air-conditioning piping design; air-conditioning system control design, the first part of the content from the Design Institute of the HVAC engineers design, the latter part of the content typically offers a full range of products from engineering contractors matching design.

2VRV air-conditioning system control mode 2.1VRV the conventional air-conditioning systems control the control method is relatively simple, each corresponding to a number of outdoor units (usually the largest of about 16 units) indoor unit, the groups operate independently VRV air conditioning systems are controlled, in situ remote control is set according to engineering achievement of using a remote control corresponds to a single indoor unit, or a remote control units corresponding to a number of indoor unit, is a more economical and practical control method.
The control methods are the end of local control, non-centralized monitoring and management aspects, in the actual use of process, the indoor unit temperature settings, boot time, boot relatively large amount of arbitrariness, the use of the flexibility, convenience is often at the expense of the cost of energy consumption, from a purely energy-saving perspective effect is not obvious.
2.2VRV centralized control of air-conditioning system equipped with independent control and management system, control method, VRV air conditioning systems with the current control mode compared to an increase of centralized control and management links, you can remotely control room of the VRV air-conditioning system in each group to monitor the management is a relatively well-controlled way, but a marked increase in investment.
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