Exudative otitis media treatment of

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[Abstract] Objective: To investigate the clinical manifestations of exudative otitis media and the effect of combination therapy in Western medicine to prevent the occurrence of deaf patients. Methods: The clinical diagnosis has been clear in patients with exudative otitis media in 65 cases (65 ears), open heart with fiber endoscopic treatment methods combined with traditional Chinese medicine to take. Results: 65 patients after treatment, 2 cases (3.1%), effective 23 cases (35.4%), cured 40 cases (61.5%), total effective rate was 96.9%. Conclusion: The combined treatment of exudative otitis media medicine is simple, safe, good efficacy, fewer complications, can be clinical.

Otitis media with effusion is a common and frequently-occurring disease of children, middle ear effusion and hearing loss are the main features of the ear disease [1], the recent upward trend in its incidence, the current main treatment is by antibiotics and topical decongestant [2], I used Integrative Medicine Institute Otitis Media 65 cases, satisfactory effect, reported as follows:

1 Materials and methods 1.1 General Information in July 2005 ~ June 2007, at our hospital in patients with exudative otitis media were 65 cases, of which 30 males and 35 females, aged 3 to 12 years, mean 6.5 years , duration 12 weeks to 1 year. Excluded the following: a clear history of inhalant allergens; have a personal or family history of allergic diseases; severe nasal septum deviation; a serious systemic disease or hair of acute infectious diseases. Before treatment, patients or their families were told the purpose of this study and the process and obtain consent of their families. Symptoms ear fullness, tinnitus, hearing loss, and the average air conduction injury 15 ~ 25 dB, character gap of 15 ~ 25 dB. Pure tone audiometry: This group of 45 patients had mild conductive hearing loss, 20 cases were mixed type hearing loss. Acoustic impedance tests: 40 cases were type B tympanogram, 25 cases showed C-type, acoustic reflex disappeared.
1.2 Clinical diagnosis of one of the following symptoms: ① rub grasping the ears or head and face, shook his head turning neck to sleep, sleep is not stable, easily awakened restless or crying, screaming from time to time. ② tympanic membrane showed varying degrees of congestion, in order to drum Central Division and the Department of the relaxation; part of the tympanic membrane integrity but sunk, light-dimensional shortening, disruption, displacement, not scattered or lost, less tympanic membrane perforation, tympanic membrane sometimes muddy, transparent drop , acute middle ear effusion were seen positive signs. ③ distortion product otoacoustic emission tests show that the main low-frequency loss.
1.3 Treatment Patients were sitting, head thrown back 20 °, first with 1% tetracaine, 1% of the total liquid surface anesthesia Well furosemide nasal and nasopharyngeal mucosa, fiber endoscope to the inferior meatus into the nasopharynx, see pharyngeal opening of Eustachian tube, will Eustachian tube catheter within the pharyngeal opening of Eustachian tube and fixed, and then advance in the Eustachian tube catheter in the renal pelvis imaging tube inserted inward to send 2.5 ~ 3.0 cm, the suction drum interior fluid, and then injected from the tube gas, so that bulging tympanic membrane, eustachian tube indwelling catheter 10 min, finally, a little edge back into the tube side dexamethasone, furosemide Well fluid, chymotrypsin of mixture of 0.2 ~ 0.3 ml. Expansion of drug injection per week 1 until the restoration of smooth, fluid disappeared. While all patients with Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine prescriptions: Bupleurum 6 g, Xanthium 10 g, Angelica 3 g, magnolia 3 g, Poria cocos 6 g, Alisma 5 g, calamus 5 g, Atractylodes 6 g, habitat, 6 g, Perrin 5 g, Dendrobium 6 g, almonds 6 g, Glycyrrhizae 3 g. Usage: Daily 1, decoction 2, points 3 to 4 times daily, 7 d to a course of treatment, taking 2 courses.
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